Wesleyan Entertainment

November 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 24.

Wesleyan Entertainment.

On Tuesday evening an entertainment was given in the Wesleyan school room, by the members of the Mexborough Mount Zion band of hope.

The party numbering about 40, left, Mexborough by the 6.10 train, and on arriving at Conisborough paraded the streets, singing en route, and inviting the people to attend the entertainment.

The school room, which is a large one, was crowded to excess. Mr Dixon, of Conisborough gave out a name, which was heartily sung, and Mr Appleyard engaged in prayer. Mr G. Smith, Mexborough, read a few verses from the Acts of the Apostles, second chapter, and commented a little on them.

Then Mr Dixon welcomed entertainers and shoes Mr E Barker, of Swinton, as chairman of the meeting, and he, after a few remarks preceded with a programme, which was as follows:

opening glee, “merrily”

recitation, Mr Billin.

Song Miss Huddleston; Song, Mr G Hague.

Recitation Miss Huddlestone.

Song, “Don’t marry a man if he drinks,” Mrs Piper.

Address, Mr J Adamson.

Glee, “the temperance pledge.”

Dialogue, “Father comes home.”Mr C. Hughes and Miss Parr.

Song Mr Clayton; Song Mr J Hague.

Address, Mr J Hartley.

Glee, “social glass”

address. Mr Thomas Thompson

song Mr Park.

Recitation, “The House that Jack built,” Mr C Hughes.

Glee “Good night,” Messrs F.W.Watts, G and F Hague, Mrs Piper, Misses Huddleston and Parr.

Several others were present were preparing recitations, readings, and songs, but time was short and they were not given. Mr Dixon proposer Mr Appleyard seconded a row of thanks to the Mexborough friends for their interesting entertainment, and this was carried unanimously.

The Conisborough friends had provided refreshments in the vestry for the visitors, and everything, and mean done to make the visit a successful one. In fact a more hearty welcome could not being given, and the visit will long be remembered. It is a source of pleasure to know that such a kindly feeling exists between the different denominations in the neighbourhood and it is to be hoped it will continue.