1908 Bottle Note Found – Felling Of Factory Chimney Reveals It ! (picture)

August 1957

South Yorkshire Times, August 3, 1957

1908 Bottle Note Found At Conisbrough

Felling Of Factory Chimney Reveals It – But No Trace Of Bottle Of Beer Built In Too!

A bottle containing a note built into a factory chimney nearly 50 years ago was found on Friday when workmen were demolishing the chimney at Conisbrough.

Three Names

in September, 1908, when the chimney was built at the Eltsac toffee works in Low Road Conisbrough, the owner, Mr Harry Saville, put a note in a sweet bottle and built the bottle into the brick work together with a bottle of beer.

The note stated: “This chimney was built in September, 1908, by H. Saville.” The names of the bricklayer, Jack saville, and the labourer Frank Shaw, are also on the note.

The property has now been bought and the chimney demolished. The bottle of beer has however not been found.

Mr Harry Peet, of 14, New Hill, Conisbrough, grandson of Mr Saville, told a reporter that he had often heard his grandfather talk of the bottled note and the beer. “But I never thought I would see the note or the beer,” he said.