Conisborough Parish Council – Lively Meeting – Burial Board – Post Office

January 1896

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 3, 1896

Conisborough Parish Council

A Somewhat Lively Meeting

The usual monthly meeting of the above Council was held on Wednesday night, Mr S Whitfield presiding. The other members present were Messrs Jones, Casey, Booth, Norwood, Gillott, Holmes, Ogley, Robinson and Marsh.

Burial Board Committee

A meeting of the Burials Committee was first felled, which a cheque for £19 17s 11d for ministers fees, wages etc as well as a grant of right for a grave space.

Post Office Facilities

the Clerk reported that he received from the General Post Office an acknowledgement of the communication from the Council asking for increased postal facilities.

Mr Booth said there had been an inspector down, and he thought the Post Office will grant all they had asked for. (Hear, hear). Perhaps they might even get more.

Mr Casey: we will be lucky if we get all we have asked for. (Hear, hear)

The Charities Question

In reply to a question from Mr Holmes, the Clerk stated that he received no reply from Mr Wilberforce the Rector of Brodsworth. He had written him asking if the Council should nominate the next recipient of the charity. After some discussion it was decided, on the motion of Mr Holmes, to again write to the Vicar of Brodsworth with a reference to the distribution of Cartwright’s dole.

Urban Powers

The Chairman said that the committee appointed to consider the question of obtaining legal assistance with regard to the proposed application for urban powers had consulted Mr Muir Wilson. Since they met him, however, there been informed that they could not pay any legal charges out of the parish funds, and writing to Mr Muir Wilson yet confirmed this opinion. He, however, wanted 10/6 (53p) for what was already done stop

Mr Gillott: You got off cheap. (Laughter)

Mr Norwood: My opinion was that we could pay mount of the three penny rate

The Chairman: It was mine also, but it appears not.

Gas Lighting.

A letter was read from the Doncaster District Council, stating that they had authorised erection of three additional lamps in Old Chapel Walk. The Clerk also reported receipt of a letter from the District Council, stating that the erection of lamps authorised by the Sanitary Committee in October had been postponed by meeting at which Mr Whitehead, the chairman of the Parish Council was present.

The Chairman: What the devil have I got to do with postponing it? (Laughter, and “Order, order.”) This is as much as to say that I am responsible for the postponement.

Mr Ogley: It looks as if you had objected to them.

The Chairman: Well, you can right and tell him that it is a letter of a coward. This comes of holding hole and corner meeting. They want have them reported, and then they go and vilify a fellow in this manner.

It was decided to ask again the District Council for a copy of the contract with the Gas Company for the lighting of Conisborough Parish. It was decided to again call the attention of the Highway Committee to the state of the roads in Conisborough, particularly to those which had been disturbed by the sewage scheme.

Mr Booth called attention to the fact that the Highway Committee had promised to have the roads at Burcroft inspected, but this had not been done.

The Clerk: The Surveyor told me that he had found some worse than that

Mr Booth: Worse than Burcroft?

The Clerk: Yes.

Mr Booth: I’ll stand the drop at York if he has. (Laughter)

The Chairman: Well, when this matter comes before the committee, I should think I won’t be mixed up in it. (Laughter)

Mr Holmes: You will have to, you are on the committee aren’t you?

Mr Gillott: He does not attend now.

Mr Holmes: Hole! He will have to begin again.

Mr Booth: Found his daddies, has he?

Mr Holmes: Hasn’t he been since he called them?

Mr Gillott: No stop

Mr Robinson: Oh, he’ll have to apologise. (Laughter)

The Chairman: But you can’t make him apologise. (Hear, hear and laughter)

Mr Gillott: You’ll have to go, they will be sending for you soon.

The Chairman: Then it appears I am missed. I never heard of them sending for you.

Mr Gillott: it was no use ending for me.

The Chairman: Aye, and you were no use when you got there.

Mr Gillott: It was no use ending for me because I always attended.


On the motion of Mr Holmes it was decided to call the attention of the Sanitary Committee in to the negligence of the scavenger in Conisborough, the Chairman remarking that this was the “same dumpling in another bag.” (Laughter)

It Did not Work

At the conclusion of the meeting Mr Booth moved that, as it was a first meeting of the New Year, the chairman pay for a bottle of whiskey. (Hear, hear)

Mr Gillott seconded, but the Chairman ruled it out of order, enquiring why they were dry, he understood it had been brewers travellers day. (Laughter)