Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 DoncasterRovers Res 2 – Wintry Scene

March 1947

South Yorkshire Times March 15, 1947

Wintry Scene

Denaby United 2 Doncaster Rovers Reserves 2

it was a wintry scene. Enthusiasts had worked until darkness fell on Friday clearing away the newly fallen snow, but there was still a thin layer over the ground on Saturday and there were laughs for the crowd as players slithered about in vain attempts to control the ball. All in all, both sides overcame the handicap to a surprising extent the game, which the vagaries of the pitch called the tune and whose issue Doncaster often threatened in the second half to put well out of Denaby’s reach.

Rovers seem to find least trouble with the heavy going on for long spells and were constantly making dangerous sorties into the Denaby goal. Denaby, for their part, gave a clever display and generally realised the advantage of hefty kicking rather than keeping the ball too close on a deadening surface.

The goals came in the third, 70th, 75th and 87th minutes.

Denaby taking the encouragement of a surprise lead when Carver retrieved the ball, held on tenaciously and centred it for Killourhy to lob the ball across the Doncaster goal out of Hardwick’s reach.

Owens got both Doncaster’s goals (after having a goal disallowed the first time for offside) and play was fast and furious until the 87th minute goal which Killourhy made with a smart black heeler and which Wright scored. By this time Killourhy, who had sustained an injury in kicking a long ball, had gone out to the wing.

This was Denaby’s first Midland league fixture since February 1, when they beat Bradford City Reserves 4-2 at Denaby.