Conisbrough Refuse Tip Is Causing Concerns to Householders

June 1957

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 1st 1957

Conisbrough Refuse Tip
Is Causing Concerns to Householders

The smell of and possible danger from fires in a refuse tip opposite their homes in Lime Grove, Conisbrough, are causing householders anxiety. Mrs, Eva Hamby, of No. 65, lime Grove, told a reporter “the smell is terrible: everyone is complaining. These houses are old property and could soon catch fire. We live in fear of getting burned in our homes.”

Mrs. Ada Briggs of No. 49 told a reporter. “the smell from the fire is often so strong that I wake up in the night, smell it, see the glow of the fire, and suddenly realise that my home might be on fire and I have to get up to make sure.”

“Seemed so Near”

Mrs. June Gibbons of 53, at lime Grove, said he came down one night and was sure the house was on fire, the smell was so strong and seemed so near. Mrs. Lillian box, of No. 39, said she was walking home one night when she saw smoke near her house. “ I dashed home as I thought it was my house on fire,” she said.

Mister. R. E. Ingleby, Public Health Officer to Conisbrough Urban Council, said the tip was “quite safe.” There was no burning inside the tip; merely surface burning which seem to be a common thing when the hot, dry weather came. “It leads one to believe that someone is maliciously setting fire to the waist. The police have been asked to keep an eye on the tip and if anyone is caught they will be prosecuted,” he said. He added that the tip would eventually be level with Sheffield Road but even then it would not be dangerous. “So far,” he said, “ the fires have been put out in less than two hours of our knowing about them.”