In the Dukes Pilot Scheme – Training Teenage Denaby Boys in Initiative

June 1957

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 15, 1957

In the Dukes Pilot Scheme
Training Teenage Denaby Boys in Initiative

Denaby Tom Hill youth club are to take part in the newly introduced Duke of Edinburgh pilot scheme- a scheme to train teenage boys in rescue and public service and various other activities design to train the boys in initiative.

The Tom Hill club are the first to take part in this new scheme in the Mexborough area.

40 Youths

The scheme has been devised by the Duke of Edinburgh and the committee and is to be run locally under the Rockingham evening Institute. Mister. R. Walsh, club leader, told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter this week that about 40 boys from the club could take part. They will be trained at their own club in the first stage. The scheme is, at present, only in the experimental stage. It is designed to test and train the boys in rescue and public service (including first aid, civil defence and firefighting), in expedition training (including cross country and responsibility tests), in pursuits (hobbies, drama, etc,), and in fitness (various standards in physical ability).

At a management committee meeting of the club on Friday it was decided to try out the scheme among the boys of the club. A meeting of all those interested will be held in the near future.

The scheme is open to boys between 14 and 18 and is divided into three series. The boys must take the first stage and then they get a Letter of Commendation from Sir John Hunt, the secretary of the award scheme. They can then take the second series and you awarded a certificate signed by the Duke of Edinburgh, and similarly for the third series.

Character Building

Mr P. Walsh, who is very enthusiastic about the scheme, said he thought this scheme could result in a form of character training and national basis and could become a recommendation for the holder of an award for such purposes as employment.