Typographical Error

February 1947

South Yorkshire Times, February 1, 1947

“A Typographical Error”

In production where many mechanical processes are involved and  speed is the constant watchword, errors must unfortunately, but inevitably, creeping from time to time, a newspaper, alas, sometimes falls into the category, and subsequently there must be explanations of “typographical errors.”

Such an error occurred in this column a fortnight ago but on the occasion we feel that the circumstances were such that readers might be interested to learn how the mistake occurred. In these days of restricted newsprint supplies getting all the news into the paper as soon as it is written isn’t insurmountable problem, and some news must often be held over; that is one of the newspapers penalties of wartime shortages.

On this occasion a story headed “Windows plight” actually reached the page but due to pressure of space out it had to come again (the item was given last week) – or at least out it all came except the headline. Unfortunately the line “Windows plight” was left behind and got itself attached to a paragraph relating to the carolling’s of free Conisbrough girls.

This week we have received a note from their mother pointing out that she is not a widow. Her husband is at home and in work. This explanation, we feel sure, will be sufficient to bring home the hazards of reporting in this paper starved country of ours.