A Violent Miner

January 1896

This Mexborough and Swinton Times January 10, 1896

A Violent Miner

Joseph Shaw was charged with being drunk and disorderly, and also with assaulting PC Midgley at Denaby on the 31st ult.

The officers stated that on the date in question he was on his beat at Old Denaby when he met the prisoner who had in his hand a dog muzzle, and was swinging it round.

He said ‚ÄúSithee Midgley, this is my b—– muzzle, and my dog is up in the wood. Prisoner then picked up a quantity of stones, and when he got near Back Lane he commenced to throw them at witness. Witness was struck in the chest and side; the close with the prisoner, and the latter struck him several times on the head and face with a stone in his hand.

It was a great difficulty that he could get into the station, and it would have taken a long time to get him there if a young man named Geeson from Parkgate had not come up in a spring cart, in which they put the prisoner, and took him to the police station. Prisoner was very violent all the way. This

Witness had to go to the doctor with his room, and he was still suffering from a bruise on his side which pained him very much.

The young man Geeson gave corroborative evidence, and added that the prisoner was a little worse for drink at the time.

Fined 40 shillings and costs, or two months.

Subsequently the prisoner was charged with allowing his dog to be at large on the date in question.

The officer and the young man Geeson again gave everything, and Shaw was fined five shillings for this offence.