Ambulance Class to be Held

October 1887

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 21, 1887

Ambulance Work In Conisbrough and District.

Active preparations are going on at Conisboro’ for the formation of a St. John Ambulance class. Dr. Hills end his the system, Dr. Gibbs, are to be the instructors. A very large number of intending members have already given in their names, and it is anticipated that there will be a very large class. This is as it should be, and we hope that the teachers will have the pleasure of” passing” every member.

Denaby Main is also to have a branch of the same association. It is at large works like this that men with a knowledge of first aid to the injured are required. It is in the nature of things that where such large establishments exist, carrying. On as they do such an immense amount of business, accidents, in spite of all ‘precautions will happen. What can be better than to have men working about the place who, when an accident did occur, could give ease; to, and possibly keep the life in some badly injured man? There can be little doubt that if subscriptions are wanted plenty will be found to give liberally to much an object. Dr. Sykes will undoubtedly have great success at the colliery.