Assaulting a Sister at Conisborough

May 1897

Sheffield Independent May 31, 1897

Assaulting a Sister at Conisborough

At the Doncaster West Riding Ct on Saturday, Thomas McHale, miner, Conisborough was fined £2 pounds including costs resulting Annie Dalton, his sister.

The complainant: the house of her brother, and he struck her on the temple and also gave her a blow in the mouse, knocking out two teeth.

She fell, and whilst lying on the ground unconscious he was seen by several witnesses to kick his sister.

The defence was provocation. The brother asserted that he had been called foul names, and had also been struck.

Evidence to this effect was also given.

The Chairman said but for the apparent provocation, the man would have been sent to prison without the option of a fine.