April 1887

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 15, 1887


Emma Dawson, housekeeper to Mr Trout, Eagle and Child Inn, Conisborough was summoned for assaulting Rhoda Richardson, Conisborough; and Rhoda Richardson was charged with assaulting Thomas Trout, landlord of the Eagle and Child in, Conisborough, on 12 April.

Mr G. H. Palmer represented Richardson and Mr Hall appeared for Trout in Dawson.

Rhoda Richardson said on the above date she went to the Eagle and Child in, about 9:30 in the evening, for some beer in a jug. Witness had a daughter with her. When going back she saw Trout and Dawson on the footpath just at the top of the steps leading to the public well. Witness stepped back to allow them to pass, but Dawson knocked her against a wall and struck her. The beer was spilt. Trout and Dawson went away, and returned with the police.

In repay to Mr Hall, witness denied assaulting Dawson, and also with using bad language. Witness did not threaten to throw the beer over them.

Rhoda Richardson, complainant’s daughter, and Hannah Connor, gave corroborated evidence, the latter admitting that complainant used bad language.

Charge against Richardson for assaulting Thomas Trout was then proceeded with.

Complainant said he was returning home with the housekeeper from the castle grounds about 9:15 in the evening, on April 8, when they met Richardson and her daughter. Witness and Dawson stood on one side to allow them to pass, as the road there was narrow. Neither complainant nor Dawson pushed against defendant, but she used very bad language and threw the beer over them. Witness went away, and returned with the police, who advised them to go home

Collaborative evidence was given by Mrs Dawson.

Mr Hall called the police constable Pattison, who stated that Richardson called Dawson bad names. Both were sober.

Police constable Chad collaborated.

The bench dismissed both summonses.