Bring Children to Church – Says Vicar of Conisbrough

February 1957

South Yorkshire Times, February 16, 1957

Bring Children to Church
Says Vicar of Conisbrough

In his report at the annual parochial meeting of Conisbrough Parish Church on Monday, the vicar the Rev. G. F. Braithwaite, spoke of the falling away of young people from the church, in other parishes as well as in his own.

This applied particularly to children over 14. The young people themselves were not entirely to blame, the vicar said. Parents should adopt the “bring the child to church” attitude, rather than “send a child to church.”

Mr Braithwaite pointed out that there had been more acts of communion ( 3,619, last year) than any other year since the war.

Church collections were also improving, and figures were high in all three churches.

The financial report for 1956, presented by the treasurer Mr J. E. Greathead, showed that costs of printing magazines and calendars last year (£226 13s.) was well in excess of revenue from the sales, but payments were still coming in from last year.