Bus Shelters Before Conferences – Conisbrough’s Suggestion

June 1957

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 1st 1957

Bus Shelters Before Conferences
Conisbrough’s Suggestion

So concerned is Ald, Ben Roberts of Conisbrough Urban Council, about the lack of bus shelters in the district that he is to advocate the cutting out of all delegates to conferences attended by the councillors and the council officials so that the money can be spent on the shelters and the officials time on planning them.

Although he thinks he will be almost on his own in this endeavour Ald. Roberts intends putting his proposals before the council and firmly believes that there is a greater need for shelters than for officials to attend conferences.

He estimated that about £500 is spent annually on expenses to cover these conferences while “Miners from both the local collieries are standing out in the wet and cold without shelter.”

At his home on Doncaster Road on Monday, Ald, Roberts said that there were only four shelters in the whole of the urban district and about 14 more were needed.

He said that the delegates and the officials attended about 10 conferences annually. “ We can get reports from the conferences without attending them,” he said. He believes in attending conferences “ if and only if we can afford it.”