Celebration Night – Special Occasion for Conisbrough Cricket Club (picture)

February 1957

South Yorkshire Times, February 16, 1957

Celebration Night
A Special Occasion for Conisbrough Cricket Club

This year’s annual dinner of Conisbrough cricket club, held at the Lord Conyer’s hotel, Conisbrough, last night (Thursday) was a special occasion.

Recently the club paid the final £50 on the loan with which they bought their present ground and to mark the occasion, a scroll, bearing the names of those who loaned the money made and presented to the club by Mr C. J. Croxall was handed to the president of the club, Mr G. Hepworth. By the general secretary. Mr A. J. Chadwick.

Mr Chadwick said: “When Conisbrough cricket club had to leave the old ground, which held so many memories, I heard it said that the club was doomed. It was said that there was no other land in Conisbrough for a cricket field but the officials at that time got to know that the Park Road site was for sale. And it was proposed that we should purchase that field. Our friends and supporters were so numerous that within a few days we received £400 and the Park Road ground came into being.”

Proposing the toast, “Cricket.” Mr W. P. Turner, member of the Yorkshire County committee said it was his first duty to congratulate members of Conisbrough cricket club on the efforts they had made to purchase the ground.

“In 1945 I had the honour to open the ground.” He said.

Before handing over to Mr F. C. H. Wadsworth, Mr Turner welcomed Mr Norman W. D. Yardley, former Yorkshire and England captain to the dinner.

Mr Wadsworth said efforts should be made to introduce children to cricket at an early age perhaps 10 or 12. “Teachers can do a great deal to get the children used to handling the ball.” He said.

“A very great example”

Responding to the toast, Mr Yardley said, “I think it would be wrong of me to let this opportunity pass without congratulating Conisbrough C.C. on the efforts on buying this ground. It is, I feel, a very great example to cricket clubs these days. Because, in my opinion, there is not the same interest taken in the game today as there used to be.”

The toast “the club” was proposed by Mr F. C. Bagshaw, President of Doncaster cricket league.

“ I was told when I arrived here tonight that there could be Conisbrough C.C dinner without thread Bagshaw that is very flattering. And I do not mind if it is true.” He added.

Cemented the bond.

Referring to the loan which enabled the ground to be purchased Mr Bagshaw said “money has a habit of coming between friends. But in this case it has cemented the bond. I hope that the 1957 season will be different from last year – which was the wettest for many years.”

Mr H. S. Peet,  Chairman of Conisbrough C.C responded, saying that the ground was not in a really first class condition, and now that the debt had been paid the club could begin to think of its improvement.

The first 11 Eleven captain, Mr G. W. Hepworth proposed a toast to “the visitors,” and Mr T. Dennett replied.

Members and Guests at the Lord Conyers