Combing Out of the Pits – “Slackers” to Join the Army

January 1917

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 27, 1917

Combing Out of the Pits
All who have entered since August 1915
“Slackers” to Join the Army.

It has just been decided by the Government that a large number of men are to be immediately released from the coal mines of the country for military service, and notice to this effect was received at every colliery in Great Britain on Tuesday.

The men to be called up include the following classes:

1. Those who have entered the mine since August 14, 1915

2. Surface workers or officials supervising such workers, other than engine men, pumpmen, weighmen, electricians, fitters and mechanics.

3. Workers of military age who are employed in the mines, and during the last three months have lost an average two or more shifts during the week from avoidable causes.