Compensation Claim – Pit Worker’s Application Dismissed.

October 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 06 October 1927

Compensation Claim.
Denaby Pit Worker’s Application Dismissed.

A claim for compensation was yesterday made at Doncaster County Court by Herbert Mathew Marrow, haulage hand, of 62, Laverick Street. Denaby, the respondents being the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Company.

The applicant stated that in April 1922, when he was 16 years of age, he was working in the pit as a haulage hand, and was crushed between two tubs, his head and shoulders being injured. He was sent to the hospital, and returned to work after ten weeks. His head waa “muddly,” though he felt nothing wrong before the accident.

In February, 1926, he had a fit in the pit. He kept on having fits regularly. In February, 1927. he had another fit in the pit, and was not allowed to work underground any more. He was sent to Leeds Infirmary, where he remained from Juno 29th to July 13th.

Applicant’s mother said her son never had fits before th© accident.

Dr. Burrow, hon. assistant – physician at  Leeds General Infirmary, said that on June 23rd he examined the applicant and received history of the case. After his examination he concluded there had been a fracture of the base of the skull which had interfered with the circulation and brought on epilepsy. Epilepsy usually came on the age of 14, and might follow after brain trouble, tumour, or fracture.

Without calling on respondent, Judge Turner said he was satisfied that there never was a fracture of the skull, and he dismissed the application with costs.