Conanby Delinquent Feared Father’s Thrashing

July 1947

South Yorkshire Time, July 5 1947

Conanby Delinquent Feared Father’s Thrashing

bound over at the Doncaster borough court on Friday, Herbert Hambrey (18) haulage hand, of Halifax Avenue, Conanby, promised to go home on condition his father did not thrash him.

The chairman (Mr. J. Barber), said “if you had any guts you ought to go back home and take what’s coming to you.”

Hanbury, who wore army uniform, was bound over for a year and placed on probation two years for stealing a cycle valued at £13 belonging to George F Bill, of Lockwood Avenue, Balby, pleaded guilty.

Supt Needham said Hambrey had good parents and a respectable home.