Conisboro’ Joint Hospital Board.

December 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 28, 1907

Conisboro’ Joint Hospital Board.

The monthly meeting was held on Thursday. Present: Mr. V. H. Chambers (chairman). Messrs. Watson, Nicholson (Stainton), Baker (Conisbro’). Lee, Bayes Smith, Sopps, J.P., Drury, Rev. W. R. Hartley (Barnburgh).

It was reported that the accumulators for the storage of electricity required renewing. It was decided to ask several contractors for prices for the renewal.

It was decided to purchase a new stove for caretaker’s house at the Small-pox Hospital, for £7 15s.

The Medical Officer reported at the beginning of November there were six cases of scarlet fever. Two had been discharged leaving- four in on Nov. 30. There were four cases of’ diphtheria, two of which had been discharged. Two cases of typhoid fever were reported in the hospital, making a total of eight cases in all.

No cases of any kind had been admitted during the month. It is 3 1/2 years since such an immunity occurred.

Accounts were dealt with, and the coal account was discussed at length, the amount being £23 8s. 8d. for the month, against £17 12s in 1906. The water consumption was also criticised, the total number of gallons used being 76,000, being 19,000 per week. It was resolved to endeavour to find out a remedy to decrease the consumption by the next meeting. The cost of food per head was 8d per day for staff and inmates, the cost per bed was 1|4 ½ .

The matron was granted an increase of salary of £5 per year, making £45. The Clerk’s salary (Mr. Marshall) was advanced £10 (total £40), the Chairman and other members speaking very highly of his services.

The appointment of a medical officer was next considered in place of Dr. Craik, who has resigned. There other two applicants, Dr. McClure (Conisboro’), and Dr. Gardner (Mexboro).

Dr. Gardner was appointed by six votes to three, one being neutral.