Conisborough Cricket Club Annual Ball

January 1896

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 17, 1896

Conisborough Cricket Club Annual Ball

The fifth annual Ball organised by the private committee for the benefit of the Conisborough Cricket Club was held on Friday night in the Board Schools at Conisborough, when the success of previous years was in every way maintained.

The attendance was large, and 120 guests being present, the program long and admirably arranged, the music was good, the supper excellent, and the whole of the proceedings carried out without a hitch. The schools were arranged to provide to dancing rooms, a supper room, drawing room, ladies room and gentlemen’s room, all of which had been tastefully decorated by a number of ladies and gentlemen assisting the committee.

The decorative and furnishing work was undertaken by the following: Messrs Gilchrist, Norwood, Booth, Hattersley, Wilson, Smith, Pryce, Smethurst, Mrs McCall, Mrs WW Norwood, Miss Nicholls, Mrs Hattersley, Miss Tonge, Miss Holland, Mrs Pickford, Miss Knowles, Mrs Smith and Miss Norwood.

The drawing, smoking and ladies room were furnished with a degree of comfort one would hardly have thought possible in the other temporary arrangements necessary. Miss Holland undertook the supper table arrangements, and the decoration reflected the highest credit on her taste and industry.

Mrs Gibson again befriended the cricket club and a usual kind manner by undertaking arrangements for cooking the supper, a tremendous task, but which was carried out perfectly and to the general satisfaction.

Presents were sent for supper, consisting of turkeys, fowls etc. Wine was sent and beer by Messrs Nicholson Bros.

The committee at purchase a new dancing cloth for the two-rooms from Messrs G Roberts & co., Sheffield, who also supplied flags and shields for decorations. Festoons of evergreen were suspended across the long room, and altogether it had a very pleasing effect. Plants for decoration were lent by Dr McCall, Mr Hattersley, Miss Norwood and Mr Price. Music for dancing was supplied by Mr Butler’s string band from Sheffield, were until the close of the festivities, 4 AM on Saturday morning performed their part with excellent time and precision, and gave the greatest satisfaction to the dancers.

It is anticipated that after the committee have paid for the dancing class and other expenses there will be a substantial balance to hand over to cricket club, the members of which should thoroughly appreciate the endeavours of the Ball Committee to raise money on their behalf.