Conisborough Farmers Claim

June 1907

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 8, 1907

Conisborough Farmers Claim.

William Revill, farmer and butcher, of Conisborough, brought a claim against George Palmer, horse keeper, of Conisborough, for £1 2s. 6d. Under the employees and Workmen’s Act of

Mr F. Allen, solicitor, Doncaster, who appeared to prosecute, said the defendant was employed by claimant, and receive the weekly wage of £1. On April 19, he left his employment without giving any notice. In consequence of this his client had his horses standing idle for two days, and it was a fortnight before he could get another man.

William Revill said he started defendant at 18/– per week, and at the end of six weeks he advanced it to £1.

Defendant said Mr Revill had sent him off to a farm to stay there all day, and he had no chance to get anything to eat. When he went for his wages, his employer got into a temper and said that he could do without a man like him when he was fast.

When asked by Mr Allen why he did not asked complainant about the above when given a chance he replied “because you did not give me time to think; you was on me like a cat on a sparrow.”

£1 damage was allowed, and defendant was also ordered to pay the costs.