Conisborough Gentlemen in Little Bytham Train Crash (picture)

March 1896

March 13, 1896

Conisborough Gentlemen in Little Bytham Train Crash

A Conisborough Gentleman’s Narrow Escape Mr Godfrey Walker, JP of Conisborough and his brother Mr Richard Walker were passengers in the train which left the metals at little Bytham, near Grantham on Saturday night.

Both gentlemen fortunately escaped without injury, though each of the natural received a severe nervous shock.

Mr Godfrey Walker proceeded on his journey to London, but arrived at King’s Cross, firstt to greet him on landing was Mr FW Fison, MP, who, as a director of the Great Northern Railway, had come down to meet the train, on hearing of the accident. Mr Fison expressing the warmest satisfaction that his friend and supporter and escape without injury.

Mr Richard Walker, however, returned home after the disaster.

At Conisborough Parish Church on Sunday night a special Thanksgiving prayer was made in recognition of the provincial escape of Mr Walker and his brother

Photo from Railway Archives

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