Conisborough Glass Works Shut Down

December 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 27 December 1927

Conisborough Glass Works Shut Down.

Owing to glass trade depression the last furnace at Messrs. Kilner Brothers’ works at Conisborough has during the -week-end been “burned off.”

Other furnaces and shops have been stopped for some time, and many men who have recently worked about one week in three will have no work at all.


Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 28 December 1927

Closed Class Works.
Conisborough Stoppage Will Not be Permanent.

As reported yesterday in the Sheffield Telegraph,” the glass works of Kilner Bros., Ltd., Conisborough, have been closed.

In some quarters this has led to the erroneous impress on that the stoppage is permanent. It is nothing of the kind, being merely a temporary cessation on account of over stocking.

The works will resume activity in January when the firm hope to get the benefit of the expected improvement in the glass trade, which present is suffering much depression throughout the country.