Conisborough Parish Council – Registrar – Ash Pits – Pipe in Spring – Causeway – Burials

July 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 9 1897

Conisborough Parish Council

The monthly meeting was held on Tuesday night, Mrs E Holmes in the chair. In the members present were Mrs Mosby, Robinson, Singleton, Smithson, Butcher, Ogley, Robert, Hirst and Harrison. The Clerk (Mr Hawksworth) was also in attendance

Conisbrough Registrar

Mr Singleton moved the following resolution of which he had given notice, “that as the appointment of a new register of births and deaths is to be made by the Doncaster Board of guardians, we petitioned the chief registrar to divide the Tickhill district, and to make Conisborough the head of a new district; also that the Doncaster Board of guardians be written to and asked to support the councils applications.

Mr Singleton said it was just what was needed. People are presence of that great inconvenience. It was true the registrar attended two days in the week but there were four more. And it often happened that people had to walk right to Balby to see him. It was only right that it should be made into a new district.

The Chairman: we have to communicate with the chief registrar who is he?

The Clerk: he lives at London.

Mr Singleton said he had been given to understand that the board and guardians made the appointment.

The Clerk stated that some time ago they had asked the registrar to make Conisborough a head district. But he said at the time that they could not then he would give instructions more attendances to be made. The appointment will be made at Doncaster on Saturday.

The Chairman said that he remembered the answer last time. They tried to get it some years ago but they did not succeed. If they were to make the appointment next Saturday did not look as if they stood much of a chance. Mr Robinson said something wanted doing It was a long way to Ballby.

The resolution was carried.

The State of The Ash Pits.

Mr Roebuck called attention to the state of the ash pits and night soil at New Conisborough. They were in a fearful state. It happened several times that the night soil was not removed from the doors until very late.

Mr Mosby said it ought to be removed before 9 o’clock in the morning.

The Chairman said they had frequent complaints.

It was decided, and the motion of Mr Roebuck, seconded by Mr Mosby, to write up to the District Council on the matter.

A Pipe in The Holywell Spring.

Mr Singleton called the council’s attention to a pipe that had been inserted in the Holywell Spring. He did not think anyone had any right to put one in. He had made enquiries, but he could not get to know.

The Chairman: Move a resolution that the Clerk writet to the District Council stating that a private pipe had been put in and asked if anyone had any right to put one in.

Mr Singleton said the pipe had been put in during the night, and had been covered over with lime.

The Chairman: Yes, that is so. The question is, has anyone any right to put one in?

Mr Robinson: What have they stopped covering the spring for?

Mr Mosby: It was left over for six months.

Mr Robinson: On what grounds?

Mr Mosby: For the water scheme. I don’t think it is our spring

Mr Robinson seconded a resolution that the Clerk be instructed to write to the dist. council.

Mr Singleton said the spring was for all the Queen’s subjects.

Mr Hurst: there some nice ones among the Queen’s subjects. (Laughter)

The Causeway at New Hill.

Mr Harrison pulled attention to the state of the causeway at new Hill.

The chairman said the Doncaster district council made an order for the Station Road and New Hill to be done. Station road had been done but New Hill has been left.

The member of the council.

Mr Roebuck moved that Mr Edward Ravenscroft, of Rossington Street, be elected to fill the vacancy caused by Mr T. Nesbitt’s refusal to sit on the council

Mr Hirst seconded.

Mr Mosby moved the election of Mr Wood,

Mr Harrison seconded. Mr Ogley said he did not feel prepared to vote for any of the candidates. He did not know either of them.

The Chairman said they were both very respectable man – being put to vote Mr Ravenscroft was elected to fill the vacancy.

Standing Orders.

After the allotment difficulty it was decided that some standing orders have better be adopted that night.

Mr Mosby moved that the standing orders as printed be adopted by the council.

Mr Harrison seconded and it was carried.

Check. – A cheque was ordered to be signed by Messrs Mosby Thorpe the amount of £5 13s for the Clerk for wages et cetera.

Burial Committee

The Clerk read over the minutes of the burial committee, and on the motion of Mr Smithson they were ordered to be confirmed.

The question of the tenders for the work of the cemetery cropped up.

Mr Robinson that they didn’t go abroad for their work.

It was decided that the Clerk right to tradesmen in Conisborough asking for tenders with two coats of paint at the cemetery, the railings to be previously cleaned.

Mr Butcher then moved that a special meeting he held on Monday next to go thoroughly into the double fees question.

Mr Robinson seconded and it was carried.