Conisborough – Review of 1926

January 1927

Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 7, 1927

Conisborough –  Review of 1926

I held up my customary review of the chief events of the year last week in case anything happened after publication, and sure enough there was something to justify the course. Reference to the last item will show what it was. These I think were outstanding in 1926.

Labour Party Bazaar raised over £70.
Conservative Association Ball.
Death of Mr. W. A. Lugar (formerly of the Fox Hotel) at York 56.
Coal Carting Company’s dinner and inspection by S.Y. delegates.

Conisborough Musical Society gave ‘Rebel Maid.’
Ratepayers’ Association split.
Fire Brigade dinner.
S.J.A.B dinner.

Wesleyans give ‘St. Paul.’
Mr. John Gillott died aged 80.
Licence granted for a billiard hall in Doncaster road.
Coun. H. C. Harrison unseated for non-attendance.
K.O.Y.L.I third annual dinner.
Women’s Labour Party sale of work.

Messrs. Worsley, Drabble and Gillott elected to U.D.C. Walker-over for Mrs. Kaye and Mr. H. Brownsword. Coun. Drabble put up a record majority (371).
Farewell dinner to Mr. W. Appleyard, after 34 years at Beech Farm, Clifton, leaving for Thorpe Underwood.
Mr. A. Hodgson, 34 years sexton at Conisborough Cemetery, died.
Wentworth Hunt Point-to-Piont Steeplechases at Micklebring.
Mr. G. T. Nicholson appointed Vicar’s warden for 13th time.
Denaby Parish church Bazaar raised £210.
U.D.C. By-election. Mr. J. T. E. Collins elected.
Police Charities dance.
Mr. W. Wilkinson appointed Vicar’s warden at Denaby Church in place of Mr. M. M. Cocker, left the district. Mr. J. Engledow appointed people’s warden.
Mr. W. B. Wells appointed Chairman of U.D.C.
Miss R. E. Strawbridge, Vicar’s eldest daughter, married.
Council discussed ‘clocking’ system for buses at Star Hotel stop.
Twenty-eight houses commenced by direct labour by Council.

Coal dispute commenced.
Mr. Jospeh Sargan died, aged 65.
Two hundred and seventy of the Housing Association houses occupied.

Canon Leteux celebrated High Mass in Roche Abbey ruins.
New chimney completed at Ashfield Brickworks.
Corps. Supt. H. Hulley appointed District Officer S.E. Area West Riding S.J.A.B.
Corps Supt. W. Still appointed Corps Superintendent, Denaby Corps, S.J.A.B.
‘Ratepayers’ Association’ becomes ‘Citizens’ Association.
Mr. Max Wray, of Denaby, appointed Director of Sheffield Repertory Company.
Annual cross country run of 5th K.O.Y.L.I. ‘B’ Comapny won through Pte. Hinchcliffe.

Denaby’s new cemetery ready for use.
Council decided to ask Rotherham Postmaster for a later despatch.
Denaby Ambulance bandsmen played to London collecting funds for miners’ relief.
County Council decided to widen Doncaster road from Sprotborough lane to Butterbusk, at a cost of £23,438.
Death of Miss Blakeley, A.R.A.M.

Hooton Wood murder.
Coroner asked for warning boards for the river Don and for a mortuary at Conisborough.
Hospital Sunday.
White traffic line put down.
Outcropping on North Cliff Hills.
Swings installed in Denaby Recreation ground.
Conisborough Castle excavations. Arch discovered.
Mr. W. Astbury resigned secretaryship of Denaby F.C.

Denaby Hospital Sunday.
Mr. T. Stacey celebrated 70th birthday.
Electric light installed in St. Peter’s Church.

Roman coin found on Crags.
Roman Catholic Schools opened.
Mrs. S. Platts, oldest female resident died aged 86.
Tablet containing names of 38 Vicars (from 1165) erected in Parish Church.
Denaby lane resurfacing commenced.
Death of the Vicar (the Rev. W. A. Strawbridge, M.A.).
Schools closed on several occasions through lack of coal.

New Ivanhoe Club used be members.
First local bell ringers’ peal. Bob Major 5040 changes.
Wesleyan Jubiles.
Rev. H. Lee appointed Vicar.
Death of Sir Robert Peacock, Chief Constable of Manchester, a native of Conisborough.
Scheme for amalgamation of Denaby and Cadeby Collieries with Rossington Malt and Dinnington announced.
Father Wilkins succeeded Father Hudson as assistant priest at St. Alban’s Denaby.
Mr. R. Young, H.M. Inspector of Mines, appointed manager of Cadeby Colliery, in place of Mr. H. Hulley, appointed agent.
Countess of Yarborough, owner of the Castle, died.

Musical Society gave ‘Elijah.’
Large Hall lighted by electricity.
Bishop of Sheffield dedicated tablet in Conisborough Church.
Signing on again at the collieries.
New Scouts’ Hall opened at Denaby.
Denaby Literary and Debating Society inaugurated.
First Conisborough ‘Buff’ (E. Giles) on Roll of Honour.
Mr. G. W. Clarkson, B.A., ordained Deacon at Liverpool Cathedral, and commenced curacy at Wigan Parish Church.
5th K.O.Y.L.I. Military Ball.
Presentations to the Rev. H. Lee on leaving Denaby.
‘Messiah’ at Epworth Hall.
Cecil Roodhouse reprieved.