Conisborough School Board – Examinations – Cleaning – Inspector

August 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 13, 1897

Conisborough School Board.

An adjourned meeting was held last (Thursday) night, and Mr B. G. Dufton Presiding. Present: Messrs Marsh, Pagdin, Tennant, Walker, Rev. G. H. Stock, with the Clerk, Mr George Harrison.

Annual Examinations.

The Clerk stated that he had received the annual report of the examination, which showed the class subject to be well taught, and the elementary work to be creditable in the boys department. In the girl’s apartment the order is remarkably good, and subjects well taught. In the infant department, the order is good, and the children are carefully instructed. A proper cloakroom, however, is still required.

The Department stated that a letter referring to the indentures of M. Lee and J. R. Sargentson, sent by them to the Conisborough board on May 3rd, had not been answered, but the Clerk produced a copy of the letter in which he replied. The Clerk was instructed to refer the department to that letter.

Mr Pagdin said that as Maud Lee has passed first-class the board were entitled to £2 for that examination, but seeing that the indentures are not signed they were losing that.

The Department recommended that this £2 should be divided between the pupil and a Head Teacher. In this case he did not think the pupil should be the loser through no fault of her own.

Rev. G. H. Stock said they must get it out of the department if they possibly could.

Mr Pagdin: I think we shall get it.

The Rev. G. H. Stock moved that the £2 be paid – carried.


The Clerk reported that the grants earned were: boys department, £235 15s; girls, £184 10s; infants, £138 11s; fees grants £59 17s 6d

The Alterations.

Mr Whiston attended the meeting and produce plans of the proposed alterations to the Conisborough schools. And on the notion of Mr Marsh, seconded by Mr Walker, it was decided to send the same to the Education Department for approval.

School Cleaning.

The chairman raised the question of cleaning the schools, and thought they were in a dirty state and required doing.

Mr Pagdin thought it would hardly be advisable to have been cleaned before the alterations were done.

On the motion of Mr Walker, certain parts of the school were ordered to be cleaned.

The Inspector’s Recent Visit.

The Clerk stated that he had received nothing relating to Mr Turnbull’s recent visit.

Mr Walker: Now, I think Mr Pagdin frightened him (laughter)

The Chairman said Mr Turnbull had intimated that they should have an attendance officer who developed the whole of his time to the work.

Mr Walker: Are we bound to go by that.

The Chairman: I think it is advisable.

Mr Marsh: what is his salary now.

Mr Pagdin: £33.

Mr Walker: I heard a ratepayer saying that the Clerk was not paid so well as other officials.

Mr Pagdin. With reference to the attendance officer I think it will be reported on by the Department.

Mr Walker: I don’t think it necessary to have an attendance officer to apply the whole of his time to it.

Mr Marsh: I don’t.

The Rev. G. H. Stock: I don’t.

Mr Pagdin said he didn’t think it necessary. – The subject thereupon dropped.


A cheque was, on the motion of the chairman, seconded by Mr Marsh, ordered to be signed for £138 including a payment for rates of £5 16s. in the grants to teachers.

This concluded the business.