Conisborough School Board – Land – Deaf & Dumb

August 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 6, 1897

Conisborough School Board.

The monthly meeting was held last night, Mr B. G. Dufton presiding.

The members present Messrs. G. Walker, Tennant, Pagdin, Marsh, Stacey, and the Rev. G. H. Stock, with the Clerk Mr G. Harrison.


On the motion of Mr Marsh, seconded by Mr Tennant, the minutes were ordered to be confirmed.

 The Land for the Extension

The Clerk reported that he had written to Lord Yarborough’s agent, re the piece of land adjoining the school, that the board wishes to buy for extension purposes, but he had not yet even received an acknowledgement. The Clerk also stated that Mr Whiston had written to say he could not be present at that meeting on the clans of the new school, and he asked them to select a date for the next meeting. After some discussion it was decided that a meeting be held on Thursday night at 6 o’clock, to give the necessary instructions.

In connection with the extension the Clerk reported that he had not received any communication from the Department , only an acknowledgement.


The Clerk reported that he had received the fee grant you on 1 August. The money, which amounted to £70 7s 6d, had been banked. He had also received the drawing grant of £23, and that had also been banked.

Mr Marsh asked if the drawing grant was better than last year. The Clerk: it was about £21 last year. – Mr Marsh: so it is better. – The Clerk: it’s on the same ratio.

The Deaf and Dumb.

The Clerk red an application from the Yorkshire Institute at Wakefield for the deaf and dumb, in which it was stated that a girl named Elsie White had been in their institution there, and her parents had removed to Birdcroft, Conisborough, and they have sent them a form to be filled in. The cost per annum would be £16, the girl, being 12 years of age. The Clerk added that he had seen the parents of the girl, and the father was not able to contribute.

The chairman said he suppose there was no way of getting out of the matter, so he would move that the form be filled up, and the resolution was carried.


A cheque for £121 8s, including an item of 6 pounds 8s for the Klerk was ordered to be signed.


It was decided, on the motion of Mr Marsh, seconded by Mr Walker, that the holiday to commence at Doncaster race week would be the last of them.


Requirements for the boys school were ordered to be obtained.


During the course of some discussion it transpired that Mr Turnbull, one of her Majesty’s inspectors, had visited the district a fortnight ago, and had pronounced the site obtained by the board as very eligible.

That concluded the business of the meeting.