Conisborough Schoolboy’s ’s Theft of Steps – Strokes of Birch Rod

December 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 28, 1907

Conisborough Schoolboy’s ’s Theft.

William Bowcroft (8), of Conisborough, was summoned for having stolen a pair of steps value 2/-, on Friday, Dec. 13th, the property of Joseph Wright, of Conisboro’.

Jane Wright, prosecutor’s wife, living at 4. Balby Street, New Conisboro, said she left her steps in the back yard, and afterwards missed them.

Annie Mitchell deposed that she found the steps near the end of Scawby street.

PC Jenkinson stated that when he charged the boy with the offence he said, “I took them to climb up, and then left them at the end of Scawby Street.”

Bowcroft was ordered to receive six strokes with the birch rod.