Conisbrough Couples Tour Abroad Nearly “Misfired” (picture)

August 1957

South Yorkshire August 10 1957

Conisbrough Couples Tour Abroad Nearly “Misfired”


A Conisbrough bridegroom, Mr Brian Willis, of 40 Warren Rd, and his bride, Miss Ann Valerie Robinson, of 6, Conan Road, Conisbrough are spending a two-week holiday touring Holland and Germany on their motorcycle combination, but their carefully planned honeymoon almost went awry.

While overhauling his machine on the eve of his wedding Mr Willis found that it did not pull too well, and it was not until after midnight that the trouble was traced to the magneto.

The best man, Mr Roy Richards, from Birmingham, came to his aid and put a call through to Birmingham to his business partner. The partner drove to the headquarters of the firm who made the machine and he found they could let him have a magneto, and it was put on a passenger train from Birmingham to Sheffield.

After the ceremony at Conisbrough Parish Church, when the vicar, Rev CG. F. Braithwaite, officiated, the newly married couple left Doncaster for Harwich

The couple went by train, while the bridegroom’s father, Mr John Willis who works in the public health Department of Conisbrough you. D. C. went with Mr Richards to collect the new magneto.

Standing by.

Mechanics were standing by at the groom’s home to fit the new Magneto, and that 9:30 pm Mr Richards and Mr Willis set off on their 190 mile journey to Harwich on the cycle – now in perfect working order – in an effort to reach their destination before the steamer left on Sunday morning.

After driving all through the night (it poured with rain most of the time) they arrived at 4:30 am and handed over the motorcycle, in plenty of time for the honeymoon to carry on as planned.

The couple are to spend a few days with friends in Holland and Germany.

The bride is a mathematics teacher at Mexborough Dolcliffe Road Modern School and celebrated her 21st birthday a few days before her wedding on Saturday. Her father Mr Frank Robinson, gave her away at the ceremony, and she worn a dress of ivory witchcraft lace over cream tulle and French silk. The long waisted dress had a billowing skirt ending in a train. Her short circular bail was held in position with a coronet of orange blossom, and she carried cream tea roses and lilies of the valley.

The bride was attended by Mrs Cybil Leach and Miss Joan Cope, who wore blue chantilly lace dresses over blue tulle and taffeta underskirts, with pink accessories, and carried pink carnations and blue forget-me-nots.

The groomsmen was Mr Michael Leach.

The bride’s mother wore slate grey floral silk two-piece with pink accessories and a spray of tea roses. The bridegroom’s mother had chosen a two-piece suit of gold for good French quilted crochet, with platina coloured accessories.

Made the bride’s dress.

A reception was held at the Red Lion Hotel, Conisbrough. Miss Robinson, who teaches at the Rockingham Institute of Further Education and the Don Valley Institute of Education, designed and made the bride’s dress. The bride’s father is an underground engineer at Cadeby colliery. The bridegroom’s mother is employed in the public health Department of Conisbrough Council.

The bride and groom both attended Mexborough Grammar School, and Mr Willis is now employed at the Doncaster West Riding Treasury department.

They received a tea service from the bridegroom’s colleagues and sheets and pillows cases from the staff of Dolcliffe Road school.