Conisbrough Ivanhoe Cyclists – A Busy Programme

July 1957

South Yorkshire Times, July 13, 1957

Conisbrough Ivanhoe Cyclists.

Some 30 members of Conisbrough Ivanhoe C. C. visited Thorpe Bridge on Sunday. Some returning to Edwinstowe  and some to Blyth for tea.

‘Jock’ Jowett and Alan Bray went hostelling to Loddington on Saturday and on Sunday joined the club at dinner. The main hostelling section went to Southwell hostel. On the return journey via Olberton riders met Dearne cyclists and rode them to Blyth.

Last Wednesday, riders travelled to the Hickleton track League meeting, but were unable to ride because of the wet conditions of the track. Owing to torrential rainfall, the weekly training ‘10’ was cancelled. The league positions now show Tony Greathead at the head of the league with Jean Ryan close behind and Terry Dunning third. In the woman section, Joan Bowing leads the table.

At Bentley track meeting on Saturday, George Stillings, ‘Olly’ Marshall, and Stan Oldfield rode. The two latter won their heats in the quarter mile handicap but were beaten in the semifinals. Ollie Marshall and Stanley Oldfield Road in their invitation ‘Devil takes the hindmost’ a, but were unsuccessful. This season some riders are interested in riding at Manchester track league and they are asked to contact the track secretary, Ollie Marshall.

“Baz” Breedon is now showing his early-season form again and is steadily lowering his 25 times. Last Sunday, he did 1-2-45 in the Notts Wheelers event and is hoping to beat his personal best in the near future. Baz already holds the club 25 mile record of 1-1-19 secs and is hoping to break this record by two minutes.

Three stalwart club members supported and marshalled in the 12 hour event on Sunday. They were Tony Greathead, Andy Kent and Raymond Langley. Although they could not find the café open all day they stuck to their posts with out a grumble.

The ‘Goole and back’ record ride of 52 miles is to be held shortly. ‘Olly’ Marshall, last year’s winner, will be on holiday at the time and will be unable to defend his title.

Phil Beighton, the rider with the most club runs ridden this year, is at present touring Cornwall and Devon with friends. He will return this week as Andy Ken, Tony Greathead and Stanley Oldfield are leaving for their tour of Cornwall and Devon. These free riders are ‘training’ down to Bristol on Friday night and are commencing their tour from there.

Next Thursday, Ollie Marshall and Terry Dunning are riding to London, where they are catching the train to Harwich and from there they are sailing to the Hook of Holland for a tour of Holland and Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France. They are returning from France by air to London.

On Monday night the half yearly meeting was held the clubroom. The time trial secretary reported that several riders had done well in 25’s especially ‘Baz’ Breedon.

The freewheel contest is to be held on for Crookhill, today, Friday, July 19, at 7:30 PM.

Next week the club run is to Hornsea starting at 7 a.m. at the Red Lion Hotel. New members will be welcomed. The hostelling section is going to Bridlington and members wishing to go contact Bert Streets at the clubroom on Friday.