Conisbrough Ivanhoe

August 1957

South Yorkshire August 10 1957

Conisbrough Ivanhoe

Last Thursday saw extremely good rides by Sean Ryan and Barry Breedon in the Thursday evening 10 miles time trial with Sean improving one second to beat Barry by 21 seconds and taking third handicap position. Second handicap position was filled by a rapidly improving rider Terry Greathead, with his brother. Tony, filling third fastest position with 25 – 39. The first handicap prize was won by Godfrey Todd, who has improved on his previous time to 26 – 30. Godfrey has soon got back so form after spending the last two years in the Marine Commandos in Malta and Suez.

The August bank holiday weekend saw most members Youth Hostelling on the Yorkshire Coast and Wolds. The rest of the members went to Bridlington on the club run, meeting several of The Youth Hostellers.

Sundays run takes the club to Shipley Glen. Members will meet at the Red Lion Hotel, Conisbrough, at 8 am. Tea will be taken at Wentbridge.

The club welcomes any unattached rider to join its members on this run.