Conisbrough Notes – The Feast – Smallpox – Slaughter

April 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 15, 1927

“The Feast”

During the weekend I heard several persons say that this year the “Feast” would not be held in the usual fields near to the station but in the vicinity of Low Field.

The reason generally advance was that they was smallpox in Conisborough. Out of 200 in two cases notified this year 165 of them have been in Denaby as distinct from Conisborough. On enquiry I discovered that the usual site had been booked months ago, and the amusement caterers are already arriving.

This fair, is an anathema to religious persons and a desecration much to be condemned. Though curiously enough, there is reason to believe that it had a religious origin.

The “Feast” as in recent years been on the wane, and perhaps a strong concerted effort by the churches would succeed in administering the death blow.


During March there were 81 cases of smallpox, one of enteric fever, and two of scarlet fever. Since the smallpox epidemic began they have been 202 cases, 30 in the North Ward, 28 in the South, nine in the East, 65 in the West and 70 in Denaby.

In addition to the smallpox, during the quarter there being five cases of diphtheria, seven of scarlet fever, two of enteric fever, 27 of chicken pot and 19 of pneumonia.


Our meat inspector Mr WW Norwood, reports that during March 67 beasts, one calf, 84 sheep and 90 pigs were slaughtered for human consumption and that there is an increase all round, approaching normal.