Conisbrough Pest Match

October 1947

South Yorkshire Times October 4 1947

Conisbrough Pest Match

Crickets have invaded Conisbrough Urban Council’s tip at Burcroft, Coun. H. Gomersall told the CouncilĀ  on Wednesday. “We have been Informed that they amount to a scourge,” he said.

“As sanitary authority the Public Health Committee have decided that arrangements should be made for the destruction of these pests. The Sanitary Inspector has been instructed to proceed at once with the work of destroying them.”

Coun. M. P. Knowles said he would like to ask the Sanitary Inspector (Mr. J. E. Ingleby) how to get rid of moles.

Coun. I. Houghton interposed, amid laughter; “Let’s play cricket.”