Conisbrough Revival – Ellis Robinson Principal Guest at Cricket Club Dinner

February 1947

South Yorkshire Times, February 8, 1947

A Conisbrough Revival
Ellis Robinson Principal Guest at Cricket Club Dinner

Approval of the Yorkshire Council proposal to introduce a South riding league for South Yorkshire clubs within the framework of the council was expressed by Mr C. E. Bayes, chairman of Mexborough Athletic Club and a playing member of Mexborough’s council side, when he responded to the toast of  “The Visitors” at Conisbrough cricket clubs revived annual dinner at the Fox Inn Conisbrough, on Wednesday

Principal Guest.

Mr W. Astbury presided over an attendance of 70 among who the principal guest was Ellis Robinson, the Yorkshire County spin bowler and a product of the Conisbrough club. They were pleased and sorry to see Ellis Robinson, Mr Astbury said – sorry because he should be in Australia. Mr Bayes said that South Yorkshire for some years had been losing their competitive interest in cricket. The South Yorkshire section of the Council gradually died out. They had a very good trophy presented by Mr A. T. Thompson which had been put away in the bank and forgotten, but it was hoped by this new competition to make cricket more competitive. The toast of “the visitors” was proposed by Mr L. Ashworth (Manager of Conisbrough Cliff Co Ltd.)

The Thompson Family.

The chief toast of the evening, “Conisbrough cricket club” was given by Ellis Robinson, who coupled with the toast the Thompson family of Conisbrough. Mr Robinson said that he started playing cricket with Conisbrough in 1928. His family had been connected with the game for a great many years, and whenever he began to talk about cricket his father said “I remember so and so and so when playing at so-and-so.” It is to me a very great honour to propose us toast,” Ellis said. “I do not feel I deserve it. There are a lot of people who are older and who have done a lot more for the cricket club; for example the Thompson family. I do not think there would have been a cricket club without Bill Thompson.”

Replying, Mr Astbury also paid tribute to the Thompson family and said that but for Mr Thompson and his stalwart supporters they would not have been there that night; he did appreciate what they had done for Conisbrough cricket club. Mr Thompson had reminded him that night that last season when Yorkshire played Essex, Ellis Robinson was playing for Yorkshire and Francis Appleyard, for Essex, two Conisbrough men.

Good Youngsters.

Conisbrough again had a very good side of youngsters. There was a lot of talk of encouraging youngsters and Conisbrough cricket club were catering for them. They were anxious to give them every possible chance.

Mr G. K. Bateson a former captain of Denaby and Cadeby, proposed “The Doncaster Cricket League” and Mr F. C. Bagshaw (Doncaster), league president, replied. The Doncaster league, Mr Bateson said, was undoubtedly the best junior league in the district. Mr Bagshaw said there were nothing in the league to stop them playing friendly cricket and playing for points at the same time: that was the league’s aim.

“The President” was given by Mr Walter Coates (chairman, Denaby and Cadeby Cricket Club), and Mr G. Hepworth responded.

Mr W. Thompson (secretary) drew attention to the work of the Kelly family for the club and referred appreciatively, too, to the splendid work of the woman’s committee who had raised £81 for the club last year.

The Doncaster Town Knockout Cup, won by the club last season, occupied a place of honour and on the invitation of the President the cup was filled and circulated among the guests.