Conisbrough Vicar Says “Let Us Grow Up.”

May 1947

South Yorkshire Times May 17, 1947

Conisbrough Vicar Says “Let Us Grow Up.”

The vicar of Conisbrough, the Rev Geoff Braithwaite, commencing a series of Sunday evening talks on the 10 Commandments at Conisbrough Parish Church on Sunday, pointed out that though the Commandments were the basis of discipline for the semi-savage tribes of Israel they were not out of date today.

There was still the foundation moral living and the basal Christian ethics, as they were better known and observed and moral code would be more worthy of Christ who taught and lived it.

The first three Commandments laid down their duty to God. Unless God was accepted as a governing power in life and the source of all good inspiration their modern ideal brotherhood was meaningless and inoperative. If man could not give allegiance and worship to God who made him, how could he give consideration to his fellow men who shared His blessings with him?

Their false gods today were not graven images, but self: impatience of discipline, greed for profit and pleasure, self-indulgence and pride.

Man self-sufficiency was the greatest humbug of all time. It was time man stopped being adolescent and faced facts.

“Let us throw aside our toys – are pompous and grandiose theories about man’s power and glory – and grow up!” he said.