Council Estimate £37,757 Expenditure This Year.

April 1947

South Yorkshire Times April 12, 1947

Conisbrough’s Finances.
Council Estimate £37,757 Expenditure This Year.

Receipts from municipal dancing staged by Conisbrough Urban Council at Denaby Baths Hall amounted to £400 during the Council’s estimates, for the financial year ending March 31st last. This is revealed in the Council’s estimates, for the financial year ending March 31st, 1948, issued to the ‘South Yorkshire Times’ at the week-end.

Baths Hall Alternations.

Expenditure on the baths, however, amounted to £700, of which £305 was spent in alternations and painting and £100 for a radiogram – which expenditure, the estimates state, ‘should not recur.’ The receipts from dancing amounted to £400, which showed a loss of £300.

With regard to street lighting, there was a general saving, due to the restrictions suggested when the estimates were considered last year. There was a saving on the electric, repairs and new fittings, due to the new lamps on the housing estates not having been fixed. It was anticipated that those lamps would have been erected by now. The estimate for 1947-48 was based on the same standard of lighting as last year; is it was desired to increase the lighting to the 1938 standard the estimate would have to be increased by £1,000.

The Council decided that the estimate should be increased by £500.

On the pleasure grounds there had been an overspending, due to extra labour being employed. The estimate for next year had been increased, because if the parks were to be brought up to near pre-war standard more labour would be necessary. Repairs and painting were also needed to the equipment in the children’s playground.

Holiday Pay.

The amount allowed in the last year’s estimates for holiday pay was not sufficient, but part of the excess was due to the return of men from the Services earlier than expected and the consequent fact that they were entitled to their holidays during the year. The estimate for 1947-48 had had to be increased to meet the Joint Industrial Council’s agreement for 12 days’ annual holiday in lieu of the six days last year. In respect of sick pay, there had been an abnormal amount if sickness during the year, possibly due to the bad weather conditions. This item had had to be increased as there was now increased pay to be granted under the Joint Industrial Council agreement.

On the district roads there had been an underspending in tar spraying, general repairs and street cleansing. The amount allowed for improvements had not been expended on this work, but more than £850 had been expended on snow clearing.

The total estimate for 1947-48 remained at the same figure. A sum of £500 had been allocated for resurfacing a portion of Elm Green Lane, £200 for repairs to the narrow portion of Station Road, by the Dale, which was in very bad condition, and £755 for repairs to paving flags and kerbing disturbed by the frost and, as far as the balance would permit, repairs to the footpaths at Conanby.

Under the heading of water supply, there was in the 1947-48 estimate a reduction of £40 in the cost of electricity, this being due to the cutting off of the boosters for supplying Conanby after June 30th next. Conanby would then be supplied direct from the Doncaster and Tickhill Water Board’s supply.

The estimates reveal an estimated gross expenditure of £37,757 for the Urban Council’s own requirements during the year.