Crowded ‘Bus. – Police Watch Overloading At Conisborough.

December 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 2, 1927

Crowded ‘Bus.

Police Watch Overloading At Conisborough.

Sarah Hutchins, of Mexborongh, a conductress employed by the Blue ‘Bus Company, was summoned at Doncaster on Tuesday, and charged with permitting the overcrowding of a ‘bus_

P.c. Davison said that at 8,45 p.m. on Nov. 20 he was on duty, in company with P.c. Lunt near the Star Hotel, Conisboro’. He saw a ‘bus approach from the direction of Mexboro’, and stop outside the hotel. There were four passengers standing, and two got off. Many more passengers got on, and defendant made no attempt to stop them. The ‘bus moved on, and after travelling about thirty yards witness pulled the ‘bus up.. He asked the conductress how many passengers she had, and she replied, “I do not know.” Witness counted the passengers, and there were 10 adults and one child standing, 32 adults and four children seated, making a total of 47. The ‘bus was licensed to carry 32. When told she would be reported, defendant replied, “I could not stop them.”

In reply to Mr. A. S. Furniss, the officer said it was not his duty to stop people from boarding a ‘bus unless he was asked to do so. He denied that it was the next to the last ‘bus, and that it was raining.

Mr. Furniss: When the ‘bus stopped there was a crowd waiting. Did they rush ?—No, sir.

Were they a lot of young fellows?—No.

They rushed the ‘bus and she could not stop them. Why didn’t you help here—I did not consider it my duty to prevent anyone getting on this bus. You saw these people pestering this girl and you made no effort to stop them?

I did not see the defendant make any attempt to prevent them. She stood back in the ‘bus and matte no attempt to call me.

Inspector Taylor. If this girt had asked the policeman for assistance she would received it.

P.c. Lunt said he counted -the passengers from outside the “bus, and there were 42 adults and five children. There were ten adults and one child standing. The conductress stood on the platform and made no effort to stop them. It was not raining.

Mr. Furniss suggested that it was a rainy night, and a crowd of young fellows boarded the ‘bus. as it was the nest to the last. It was an unfortunate case, as .the proprietor had regulations on the question of ‘overcrowding. He had stopped two girls for overcrowding, and in this case she had no intention of setting off until the ‘bus had the required number of passengers only. She was helpless, as her remark to the officer showed. The ‘bus which followed the one which the police had reported, when it arrived at Doncaster was carrying 14 more passengers than it was licensed for. The ‘bus was stood, there that night a long time waiting for the extra passengers to alight again, and then went to Doncaster with only the required number. One would, have thought that the police would, have given some assistance. Apparently they were out for a case_

Sarah Hutchins, said that on Nov. 20 it was raining heavily. She did not intend to permit overcrowding but she; could not stop the people from boarding          She travelled from Mexborough with only 26 passengers. When at the Station Hotel, the people pushed her hack, although she told them she could not take any more. She did not see the officer or she would have called him.

Ernest Evans, the driver of the ‘bus, said they did all they could to keep the people from boarding the ‘bus.

James Guest, the proprietor, said instructions had been issued to all conductresses as to overcrowding.

Defendant was fined £2.