Death of Mr J Cranidge, of Old Denaby – Famous Bonesetter

March 1896

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 27, 1896

Death of Mr J Cranidge, of Old Denaby.

In SOUTH YORKSHIRE it was questionable whether among the working classes there was a man better known than that of Cranidge – John Cranidge of Denaby, famed as a bone setter, and regarded with something of the veneration upon the American medicine man by others of his tribe.

Mr Cranidge came to Denaby from Dartness Bridge, Thorne levels, 16 years ago, having before he resided in the Isle of Axholmel been postmaster at Burringham.

At Denaby he had a good size farm, was also assistant overseer for the parish, in neither of which capacities he will be remembered with a tenth of the affection or regret as he will be in the character of an exceedingly skilful bonesetter – a man who often affected cures when others had failed, who frequently gave his services gratuitously when his parents were too poor to pay him, and never charge in proportion to the amount of benefit his services conveyed. His name was a household world among the working classes of the district, and it was to him that everybody went with a sprain on a fracture received in the pit, the football field or elsewhere.

Mr John Cranidge, we regret to say, has passed from this life, and his services in the cause of suffering humanity are o’er. Last autumn he was seized with a paralytic stroke, which left him partially helpless. At times it was thought he will get over his illness, but last Saturday he was suddenly taken very much worse, and he died on Monday morning.

He was in his 72nd year, and leaves three sons and six daughters. One of his daughters has for some years assisted him in Bonesetting, and we understand will continue the practice, and his eldest son, Mr S.W. Cranidge practices at Thorne Levels, being known as the Isle of Axholme bonesetter.