Denaby and Cadeby Accident – Shunters Terrible Death

December 1916

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 2, 1916

Denaby and Cadeby Accident
Shunter’s Terrible Death

The circumstances surrounding the death of James Rogers (30) shunter of 141, Market St, Mexborough were investigated by Mr Frank Allen on Saturday at the Fullerton hospital, then the Main.

Mr Flint HM Inspector of mines, and Mr Williamson, engineer, also attended.

Hetty Rogers said deceased was her husband. She last saw him alive on Thursday afternoon about 3.50.

Christmas, for Would view Denaby, colliery loco driver, said he was shunting in the Denaby Yard on Thursday night. On his engine was a foreman shunter, another shunter named Flinders, Andy Stoker. The foreman and the other shunter were travelling as passengers to another part of the yard. He went down a siding called the “Washer Road,” about 11.50, to draw out two empty wagons.

Flinders couple them on, and gives a single to dry out. Deceased had got on the engine and travel with them about 100 yards. He then got off to turn the points to enable witness to turn the wagons into the dirt road.

Witness got a signal from the foreman shunter to go ahead. He had gone three or 4 yards when he heard a scream. He stopped the engine, and on getting downtown deceased coat was fasting one of the wheels. Witness moved the engine back to liberate deceased coat. When he got back they got him out. The lower part of his body had been run over, which threw one of the wagons off.

The Coroner: Had deceased a lamp? – He had when he got off the engine.

Mr Flint: when you are shunting wagons to somebody going front? – Yes, as a rule.

Can you see over the wagons from the engine? – No sir.

Did you see any light and airy whistle?

The foreman said deceased whistled, but he did not hear him.

How do you think he got under the truck?

He must have stumbled.

George Herbert, 9 Rock Terrace, Conisbrough, foreman shunter, said he was in the cab of the engine on the night in question. The deceased turned the points for them to turn the wagons into the dirt road. Witness was on the left side of the engine. He got a single from deceased lamp, a white light, and he told the driver to go ahead. Immediately after he heard a scream, he got off the engine and found deceased lying face downwards. The waggon was derailed.

The Coroner: You are perfectly certain you got the signal? – Yes sir.

The Coroner said it was evident the man stumbled in the dark.

The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental death.”