Denaby Dog’s Desperate Deeds – Terror of Neighbourhood

June 1907

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 22, 1907

The Terror of the Neighbourhood
Denaby Dogs Desperate Deeds

The danger to the general public of keeping unruly domestic animals was illustrated in a case in which George Chattle, an engineer, of Denaby was summoned for keeping a ferocious dog.

A little girl named Annie Cook said she lived with her parents at 97 Annerley St, Denaby. On Thursday, 30 May, she was going by Clifton Bank, at 11 o’clock in the morning, when a big brown dog flew at her and but her on the leg, causing wounds which the blood flowed profusely. She was taken into the house of a neighbour, and her injuries were attended to. She had not teased the dog.

The mother of the child, Louisa Cook, said that her daughter came home about 1130 on the day in question and was crying, complained that a dog had bitten her.

She examined and found sundry scratches on her body.

She went to see Chattle, who said he had nothing to say to her, and asked her to go away.

John Henry Lee, of Pitt Street, Mexborough and Joseph Hobson, of Tickhill Square, Denaby Main, spoke to their experiences of the vicious habits of the dog.

In defence Chattle said he had tried to keep the dog under control, but this was well-nigh impossible, as the dog was constantly being teased by the neighbourhood. He had proposed to the mother of the girl that he should pay for damages done, but he had not been made aware of the extent of the damage. He denied having spoken disrespectfully to Mrs Cook.

The Chairman said defendant would have to keep the dog under control (if he was wise he would destroy it), and would have to pay 25/6 costs.