Denaby Gambling Row – Soldier’s Recriminations

January 1917

Mexborough & Swinton Times January 6, 1917

A Denaby Gambling Row
Soldier’s Recriminations

A young man, who said he had served in the war, Thomas White, a Denaby miner, was summoned by an elderly man named Alf Cook for assault.

The latter appeared in court with a heavily bandaged jaw.

He said on December 17 he was in Blythe Street, in company with 10 or 12 other men, including his son, who was a crippled soldier. The defendant seized his son by the neck, and when he (complainant) interfered defendant seized him. Defendant’s companion got hold of his (complainants) arm, and defendant struck him in the jaw, knocking two teeth out. He also kicked him, saying “Yes you —- old dog. I will give you a Christmas box.” He had been under the doctor ever since, and he had told him his jaw was broken.

The Chairman: have you a certificate?

Complainant: No, Sir; I had one, but I sent it to Lloyd George last night.

Proceeding and replying to questions as to the motive of the assault, the old man said his son was talking about soldiering. So far as he could understand, they had both been soldiers. He could not say why defendant interfered.

Replying to the defendant, he denied striking him. He said he had no chance before he had “one in the neck.”

Complainant said he had no witnesses, his son having missed the train that morning.

The defendant’s story was that there were 15 or so men gambling, including himself and the prosecutor and his son. The son wanted to “toll,” and commenced to argue. The man who “tolled” was the one who threw up the halfennies, explained the defendant for the benefit of the bench.

Proceeding, he said he told the son if he wanted to kick up a row to go elsewhere and gamble.

Complainant threatened him with his fist, and said “You want to go to the one – – – – front, where he has been.” Defendant told him he had been before ever his son thought of going. The son then struck him (defendant) three times. The man was a cripple in one hand, owing to having been shot through the elbow. It was a regular street row.

Defendant was fined 20 shillings