Denaby Hairdresser’s Theft

February 1917

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 24, 1917

Denaby Hairdresser’s Theft

Albert Davies was charged in custody with stealing four hair clippers and two razors valued at £1 15s, the property of Edward Marks, landlord of the White Bear Hotel, Doncaster, who also owns several hairdressing saloons at Denaby and Doncaster.

He pleaded not guilty.

Edward Marks said he had two shops at Denaby. He engaged the prisoner on July 19 last at a weekly wage of 35 shillings. After working one week at Doncaster he sent him to manage one of the Denaby shops. He identified the articles produced as his property. He saw him at the shop in January 31, but on February 2 from information he received, he sent over and found the shop locked up. Prisoner had absconded. With the assistance of PC Rushton he entered the shop and found the article (produced) missing, and also some of the stock. Prisoner had not accounted for any monies taken at the shop since 12th of January.

Robert Henderson, 132 St Mary’s Rd, Doncaster, identified the clippers and razors as belonging to Mr Marks, and PC Rushton said he received the prisoner into custody from the police at Woolston, Hampshire.

When charged he replied, “I am not guilty of it.”

Prisoner said the articles belong to him, as he brought them from Hereford with him.

Replying to Mr Baddiley, he admitted he had served three months for living on the earnings of prostitution. Proceeding, prisoner said Mr Marks gave him the two razors, and that the prosecutor had been good to him.

Mr Baddiley: Why did you abscond?

Because of the bad name I got in the town. They were making accusations against me. They got a tale about that I was accosting girls in the shop. There was only my wife bringing my meals there.

Probably there was some truth in it? – No, sir, it cannot be proved against me.

Did Mr Marks even buy your furniture? – Yes

He was sent to prison for two months.