Denaby Main Wesleyan Anniversary (videos)

August 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 6, 1897

Denaby Main Wesleyan Anniversary

On Sunday a repetition of the school anniversary took place, when the services were conducted by Councillor Theobald, of Doncaster.

The hymns were all composed by Mr Laban Soloman, and the manner in which they were sung by the children reflected great credit upon the conductor, Mr William Wells. A good string band was in attendance, as on the previous Sunday, the leader being Mr Ben Parkes, of Doncaster.

The afternoon service was devoted entirely to music, and rarely has such talent as was provided heard on such occasions. It was a pity that the congregation was not larger but those who attended must have felt that to have missed the service would have been to have missed a rich musical treat.

Mr Theobald apologised for the unavoidable absence, through illness, of Mr C. Kilner, who was announced to take the chair. He had, however, sent a very kind note, and a good subscription.

The musical programme was commenced by the solo “O rest in the Lord*,” by Miss Pattie Cuttle, a young lady well-known throughout South Yorkshire, and her effort was highly successful. Miss Cuttle possesses an excellent voice, and her other solo, “A dream of paradise” was also given in a most praise  worthy manner, and merited special mention.

Mr J. E. Drabble, of Mexborough, very efficiently rendered two solos, “Nazareth,” and “Thou dids’t lift up. (Handel’s Messiah)” the latter being given faultlessly, and was greatly enjoyed. Had it been other than Sunday there is no doubt appreciation would have been testified in an unmistakable manner by giving well merited encores.

Mr John Rose surprised his hearers by his singing of “Arm, arm, ye brave*” (Handel), which gave evidence of training and great promise.

Mr W. H. Wilson very ably accompanied on the piano, except the solos of Miss Cuttle, who brought her own accompanist, Mr Sidney wheel, of West Melton, a musician of unquestioned abilities.

At that evening service Mr Cuttle again sang two solos. The collections, with private subscriptions, amounted to £11 10s.

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