Denaby Pit Boy – Presented To King and Queen Of Norway.

January 1927

Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 7, 1927

Denaby Pit Boy.
Presented To King and Queen Of Norway.

In an interesting letter to his mother, written on Dec. 28, Stanley Breakwell, the young Denaby pit boy who is spending a holiday in Norway at the expense of the Women’s Committee of the Miners’ Relief Fund, gives an account of a visit he has paid to the Royal Palace at Oslo, where he was introduced to the Queen of Norway.

“The Norwegian Queen,” he writes,” is English, and the daughter of our Queen Victoria. She was very nice to us, and gave us some chocolates. We had lunch with the maids in waiting. When we were going out of the palace, we ran into the King. We were introduced to him and had a little talk. He was just coming from a walk with his four dogs. I had a piece of holly given which should have gone to the royal table. I wished them both a merry Christmas, which they did to me.’

Stanley goes on to describe the Christmas festivities at the home of his temporary guardian, and mentions that he had a good haul of presents, which included a wrist watch, gloves, scarves, a sweater, skates, and playing cards.