Denaby United – Denaby’s Downfall

28 December 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times 28 1907

Denaby’s Downfall.

Surely it is time that Denaby United came home to roost. At home, they can’t help winning – and away, alas! They appear to stand very little chance of a victory.

Even a visit to Wombwell is too much for them, they are not good enough to hold Barnsley Minor League class. Of course, the team which experienced sore humiliation at Hull is not the team which played so fine a game against, say, Barnsley or Worksop. But the team which went forth to battle for Sheffield Challenge Clip honours, should have been far above the head of Barnsley Minor League talent.

Of course, the state of the ground was in favour of a team which sacrificed science to bustle, and mere strength of purpose. Admitting that the result puzzles me sorely, I cannot, believe that Denaby laid themselves out deliberately to lose, though they may have played with some indifference. Their case is parallel to the defeat of Mexboro’ at South Kirkby, though the humiliation is more pronounced.

Certainly, Wombwell Main are to be congratulated on a great performance. They, at any rate, tried for everything they could get – and they got it. I have followed with interest the career of Wombwell Main during, the past two seasons, and am fain to admit that they are a fine cup.-fighting lot. Their great feats of last season still live in the memories of followers of local football, and I really should like to see them get a little further in this particular competition, which, of course, embraces the beet football in the district.