Denaby Utd – Denaby 0, Grimsby 1

18 November 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 18, 1927

Another Forward Failure,
Denaby Do All But Score.

Denaby United 0, Grimsby 1

Denaby: Birch; Rodgers, Taylor; Clegg, Ogley, Windle; Wroe, Johnson, Kelly, Smith, Hetherington.
Grimsby : Reid; Wilson, Bateman ; Cowper, Swaby Taylor; Prior, Munning, Twell, Cooper, McKenzie.

Referee: C. Hutchinson, Rotherham.

Denaby’s forward failings again. found them out on. Saturday. Is it only in cup ties they can get goals? All five should have scored ‘at one point; or another in the match at Tickhill Square on Saturday, and without doing anything brilliant.

But not a chance was taken. : True they were up against as cool and, resourceful a goalkeeper has we have seen on the ground this season: but he should have been hopelessly beaten more than once. The Denaby halves had the Grimsby attack in their grip for long spells, and the backs and Birch were safe and sure; yet Grimsby got away with two points, after playing 70 of the 90 minutes a man short; and a good deal of the second bait with Prior at ‘left back and Bateman limping at outside right. The nine sound men, however, held out to the end and worthily won for, their pluck against the odds.

Denaby tried out Rodgers, the Kilnhurst youth and son ,of the former Mexboro’ player; and he gave a satisfactory display. He kicked well–too; strongly when the wind was at his back—tackled promptly; and helped to cover Birch effectively. Clegg was again a _complete success at right half and was one of the most hard working players on the field.

Denaby won the advantage of the blustering wind in the first’ half but made no effective use of it: in fact it bothered them badly and they never settled, down to the conditions. Grimsby showed them how the first time they broke away keeping the ball , on the ground and swinging it readily from man to man. Denaby, however, refused to learn the lesson : they persisted in keeping the ball in the air; and to that extent the forwards our not to be saddled with the whole of the blame. But they most take a lot of it. The Denaby halves were almost on the top of their form—not quite: they have played better—and the Denaby forwards had the ball among them, as a result for at least three quarters of the game. But they rarely got it under control when shooting time came near; and when they did their shots were never quite deadly enough for the agile and clever Reid, who received a well deserved ovation when he left the field.

The only goal was scored in the first minute of the Second half, and was one of the really a fine things of the play. PRIOR raced away from well up-field, beat his man, thrust the ball forward, passed Taylor and Rodgers by sheer speed, and coolly finished by tapping the ball wide of Birch.

Grimsby were well served all round.. They are a very good side, with a particularly strong defence: on their halves we have not had a real opportunity of pronouncing in their two visits to South Yorkshire. Both at Hampden Road and at Tickhill Square, Swaby, the centre-half was off the field for a large portion of the I me. On Saturday he suffered a compound fracture of the nose which Dr. McArthur was called down from the stand to treat, and took no further in the game. It was a great tribute to Grimsby’s team work that they still worked well together and held their own to the end. Certainly they were under pressure most of the time; but not all of it; they have a fast set of forwards who were always dangerous. Yet their defence, and especially Reid, took the outstanding honours of the clap. Denaby were sound and good, enough, till we got; to the front line. There not a man enhanced his reputation, and rthe combination was poor.