Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Gainsborough 1- Different Denaby – Notable Sequence Broken

March 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 25, 1927

A Different Denaby
Gainsborough Break a Notable Sequence

Denaby 1  Gainsborough 1

Gainsborough on Saturday were allowed to break the sequence of successes which Denaby and enjoyed at Tickill Square since October 6. They got away with a point which on the day’s play they were rather fortunate to get. The goal stood a good deal more pressure than the Denaby. Indeed, the Gainsborough forwards except for one or two brief spells, rarely overcame the obstacles presented by the Denaby halves and backs and Bromage had comparatively little to do. Mobbs had a much busier time, and did his i work well. His backs were not so steady as the pair in front of Bromage – though it was a blunder by the latter that gifted Gainsborough their goal.

Gainsborough scored first, against the balance of play, but inside the half-hour the teams were on level terms again. Lawrie found herself presented with a clear course to goal, with both Hunter and Windle after the position, Taylor miskicked, and the winger booted the ball past Bromage from a few yards out.

The equaliser was got by JC Johnson from a pass screwed across by Green. Gainsborough putting their lively spell just before the interval but in the second half they were generally kept in their own quarters.

But the Denaby forwards were weak and the erratic passing of the halves did not help them. The whole team played a far different game to that they put in a week earlier against Scunthorpe. There was not the same good teamwork, or anything like the dash and vigour of the previous Saturday’s work.

Team: Bromage; Taylor, Hunter; Goodison, Ogley, Windle; Wadsworth, B Johnson, JC Johnson, Green, Skeels