Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Scarborough 1 – Lucky Scarborough Snatch a Point

March 1956

South Yorkshire Times March 17, 1956

Lucky Scarborough Snatch a Point Just On Time

Denaby United 1 Scarborough 1

“Not a bad game” seems to have been a general verdict at Tickhill square on Saturday. For “game” one might substitute “,” but at least one thing is certain Denaby United were extremely unlucky to drop a point.

After a six week break in home Midland League fixtures the first half came very poor stuff. Shots were hit wide, or into the side net.

Pepperdine had troubles with a high lob into the sun from Holmes; French went near Scarborough; but by and large it was scrappy skirmishing with little pattern.

The burst came when Denaby laid siege to the Scarborough goal from the whistle in the second half. It was another of those astonishing afternoons when everything happens but goals.

First Duggan hit the crossbar, then Flynn smacked the ball against the post with Pepperdine full-length from an earlier save; full-back Eddie Lockwood twice kicked off the line and three times Pepperdine had to leap to punch clear near winners.

Another oblique shot saw the ball skimming along Scarborough’s crossbar and all Denaby were lucky enough to turn into the credit account in this astonishing series of misses was a goal by Holmes in the 64th minute. A good goal it was, too. Duggan crashed another shot against the bar, but this time when it swept back into play Holmes, very academically. Headed it back, where by this time, it well and truly belonged.

For the next five minutes Scarborough were more dangerous than in at any period of the game, and Ware was extremely unlucky with a header that flashed only inches high.

But as so often happens, the pattern was repeated and it was practically all United until three minutes from the end. And in that vital three minutes French snatched the precious point saver.

United can be pardoned for thinking it indeed their unlucky day, for to complete the full measure Holmes (first half) and Flynn (second half) had goals disallowed for offside.