Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Wath 1 – Denaby Keep Cup

May 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 6, 1927

Mexborough Association Cup Final
Denaby Keep It

Denaby 2 Wath 1

A hot pace was set up at the start and maintained throughout the first 90 minutes. In the first 45 the game was Wath’s this, and a little more steadiness in front of goal might have given them the lead. But the Denaby defence was very good. Frank Moore was always a dangerous opportunist, and three of his efforts in this position of the game deserved reward. As the game proceeded he became less conspicuous, but he did enough to suggest that Wath have probably discovered a successor to Bowen.

The Denaby attack was weak, Barker was not a success at centre forward, and both wingers were off form – Wadsworth in particular.

The first goal was a curious affair. Frank Moore worried the ball past the Denaby backs by sheer persistence – and past Bromage too, leaving Shaw to walk it in. Wath appeared to have the game in hand till Windle changed places with Barker.

Denaby equaliser was another unsatisfactory affair. Johnson headed in and the ball hit the crossbar hard and bounced down. The referee ruled it had been over the line. Opinion round the barriers was divided.

It counted anyway, and from that moment Denaby forced the pace. When the teams resumed for the half-hour extra play Wath steadily fell away. Denaby lasted the better, and in the first quarter how they got the winner, Johnson placing the ball beautifully along the ground out of Whitaker’s reach, after a strong effort by Windle.

There was no further scoring, and Denaby finished the stronger. Some brilliant goalkeeping by Whittaker alone preventing Denaby winning more decisively. Whitaker’s coolness, clever anticipation, sure fielding, and agility were notable. He has become a very fine goalkeeper. The other outstanding player was Hunter, who is probably the best left back in the district just now. Both defences played splendidly, and the halves generally were good. Ogley was a notable figure, but there was little distinguished in the forward play.

The game was very cleanly fought and provided excellent entertainment