Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Boston 2 – Boston suffered Common Fate

April 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 8, 1927

Boston suffered Common Fate at Denaby

Denaby United 4 Boston 2

those six goals were scored by forwards at Denaby on Saturday, halfback dominated the game. Boston were not so well served in this department has Denaby and consequently suffered the general fate of visitors to the Tickill Square ground in recent months.

Their high-scoring attack was almost blotted out and but for the energy and skill of Menlove would never have been heard of at all after the few first few minutes. They started in a manner that promise a lot of trouble for the Denaby defence, but Ogley, Windle and Goodison quickly took such a grip on things that, for most of the game, only spasmodic raids broke the monotony of stern pressure on the Boston defence – which stood it very well.

The Denaby forwards were much livelier than Boston’s but did not finish too well. They had had a lot of chances when Wadsworth suddenly gained the lead and startled everybody. He had tricked Greaves beautifully; then while everyone prepare themselves for a centre he suddenly let fly a brilliant drive that caught Rimington wholly unprepared and scored the first goal. It was as good a shot as I have seen on the Denaby ground this season.

Sometime later Green again demonstrated his usefulness in front of goal with a high ball, by heading home one of Wadsworth centres.

Early in the second half Boston got a goal they play hardly merited. Miller converting a penalty kick awarded for hands by Hunter. Till well on in this half Denaby’s almost continuous attacks ended ineffectively. Then Green shrewdly gave JC Johnson a through pass. With Blakey at his side and Rimington coming to meet him at look long odds against Johnson, but he cleverly slid between the two of them and slid the ball into the net. Two minutes later he executed a clever move that left B Johnson with a clear opening and Ben scored Denaby’s last.

Tubb had to leave the field injured and it was after he had gone Menlove made one of his single-handed breaks and sent the ball across perfectly for Miller to score comfortably.