Denaby Utd – Denaby 7  Wath Athletic 1 – Four Registered By Kelly.

5 October 1927

Sheffield Independent – Wednesday 05 October 1927

Four Registered By Kelly.

Denaby 7  Wath Athletic 1

Most people expected Denaby to win their Cup re-play with at Tickhill Square, yesterday, but few expected such a decisive score.

Denaby completely dominated the game, their forwards sweeping away time after time.

Strangely enough, the goal which Wath scored four minutes after the match started was the best goal of the eignt. Murdin (G). who is a fine inside left, got it in peculiar circumstances. He had beaten Whitaker in a race for the hall and sliding full length), he screwed it in past the ‘keeper.

After that one rarely saw the Wath attack in action. Williams, the centre forward, was the only one who showed energy, and he had hard lines with several good shots which scraped the bar, or which were well-saved by Birch.

Hargreaves, the Wath half-back was a big obstacle to the Denaby forwards, but that is all that can be said for the team.

The game excited keen interest in Wath, Denaby and Mexborough. and was full of thrills and good football.

Kelly got tour of the seven goals Bali, Windle and Ogley getting the others Both the wingers and Hetherington were on top form, and they did more than their share in the Denaby attacks. The game was altogether free from any rough play or bad feeling, and was played cleanly end enthusiastically from start to  finish.